What is C-fu FOODS?

We are a leading supplier of conventional & innovative edible insect ingredients. We're developing a new approach to protein that comes from a more nutritious & sustainable source.

We've created a healthy meat replacement that helps you create culinary staples from sustainable, nutritious insect protein, such as burgers, schnitzel, nuggets.

Our ingredients also work as an alternative to eggs or butter. We can even make protein powders that you can whip into a shake!

Explore the frontier of sustainable protein!



Why Eat Insects?

Sustainability, nutrition, flavour, and excitement—there are lots of great reasons!

Pound for pound, insects require substantially less land, water, & feed than conventional meat, and deliver just as much high quality protein.

They’re also low in saturated fat, and crickets are loaded with the blood-boosting vitamin B12. 

Feeling hungry…?

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Our Products

Cricket Flour
Cricket Flour / Cricket Powder

Form: Fine or Coarse

Suggested Applications: Protein fortification, Baking

Examples: Cookies, Protein bars, Chips

Textured Insect Protein (TIP)

Form: Crumble or Blocks

Suggested Applications: Meat replacement, Egg-Dairy-Soy replacement

Examples: Patties, Sausages, Ground meats, Fish cakes, Dim Sum, Tofus, Cakes, Cookies, Ice-cream

Insect Protein Concentrate (IPC)

Form: Ultra Fine

Suggested Applications: Beverages, Baking, Protein fortification

Examples: Sports nutrition, Egg replacement

Recipes & Creations

We restructure edible insects into nutritious, delicious, versatile food ingredients with high consumer appeal. Examples of what we can create:


What's The Word?

“They absolutely taste way better with costs way down, I am very happy with the results!

C-fu Cricket Flour is definitely the flour of choice moving forward.” - Angela Kelly, JUMP Bars



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