C-fu FOODS started with a mission: how do we put insects on the center of the plate?

It started in 2014 when Lee was a grad student at Cornell. Inspired by concept he was learning from his research, Lee set out to make a meat replacing ingredient from insect proteins. He soon called his brother Eli and said: “I just invented cricket tofu”. C-fu (Cricket tofu) FOODS was born soon after.

Since then, Lee and Eli have developed new and innovative ingredients from insects for a wide variety of applications. They’re experts in insect processing and have been all over the world sampling, tasting, and talking about insect cuisine.



Eli Cadesky

Eli is the CEO and Co-Founder of C-fu FOODS. He has a passion for ethical businesses that work towards a triple bottom line; helping the people who help build them, the planet, and deriving sustainable profits.

He holds an MBA, and loves to travel, especially for outdoor pursuits like rock climbing, and of course new foods.


Lee Cadesky

Lee is a food scientist, engineer, COO, and co-founder of C-fu FOODS. He’s a passionate foodie and loves to experiment with food in his home-lab. Lee develops C-fu FOODS’ innovative processing methods & ingredients and manages quality, production, and R&D.

He has a degree in mechanical engineering from McGill University and an MS in Food Science from Cornell University, where he performed research in dairy science & rheology, as well as lectured senior level courses in food engineering. In his spare time, Lee enjoys karate, playing music, and hanging out with his wife and pet dwarf rabbit, Gadget. 


Mei Chien Soong

Mei is the Sales and Marketing Associate for C-fu FOODS, and also a Psychology & Arts and Business graduate from the University of Waterloo. Since moving to Canada 6 years ago, she's had the privilege of working in various marketing communications roles including social media, product, and even customer service.

Mei travels quite a bit, and speaks 5 different languages. Having previously lived in Malaysia, China, and Scotland, she considers herself to be a well-rounded, multicultural individual that possesses diverse knowledge and experience.



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