Frequently Asked Questions

Ooh, bugs. Tell me more!

Yup! We are purveyors of fine insect-based ingredients and a one stop shop for anything bug. Everything you see on our site is made from insect protein and we specialize in creating ingredients and products from insects that look, taste, and feel just like conventional ones. If you can dream it, we can make it—out of bugs.

Ew, bugs. Why should I eat them?

Don’t be scared. Bugs are the original paleo-superfood! Insects have been eaten by humans for over 10,000 years and deliver exceptional protein and nutrients with a tiny environmental footprint.

Insects require a fraction of the land, water, and feed compared to cattle while containing less fat and more protein and vitamins. With over 2000 insect species identified as edible, there’s something out there to suit any taste. Take a hop on the wild side and try something new!

Can I be allergic to eating insects?

People who are allergic to crustacean shellfish can be sensitive to insects. This isn’t true for everyone but we recommend caution if you’re sensitive to shellfish. Just like lobsters are the cockroach of the sea, crickets are the shrimp of the sky!

Are bugs gluten-free?

On their own, bugs are gluten free. However they can often be poor converters of gluten in their diets so bugs fed on a grain diet can carry some extra gluten. We work with our suppliers to ensure our bugs are gluten free and label them appropriately.

Are insects suitable for vegans or vegetarians?

Strictly speaking, insects are not vegetarian or vegan however, it’s worth noting that the reality of food production means insects or insect fragments are often found in all our foods already. Vegans and vegetarians may benefit from insect foods as they supply high quality animal protein and micronutrients like digestible iron and vitamin B12 which can be difficult to source in vegetarian and vegan diets.

Unless otherwise noted, all C-fu FOODS ingredients are made without any animal products (excluding the insects themselves). We believe that every person has the right to define their own diet and we leave it to the thoughtful vegan or vegetarian to decide their own position on food insects.

What is the shelf life of insects?

Insects can have a long or short shelf-life depending on their state. When fresh, insects must be kept frozen to prevent spoilage in storage and can be kept frozen for up to 2-years. Roasted insects or insect flours have very low moisture and, if properly stored, can be kept at ambient temperatures for as long as 3-years.

Textured Insect Protein (TIP) is a fresh ingredient and has a moisture content comparable to fresh meat or tofu. It can be stored for about 3 weeks under refrigeration or kept for 1-2 years when frozen.

Where do your bugs come from?

Our insects come from food grade farms and are raised specifically for human consumption. We work closely with our insect suppliers to ensure every one is the best quality and raised with high standards. We source from a variety of farms in the US and Canada and are always interested in connecting with new insect farms. If that’s you, drop us a line!


What's with the name, why C-fu FOODS?

Our first process yielded Cricket Tofu. When we told people what we were working on their first response was, That’s Crazy! In French, ‘C’ is pronounced like, C’est; C‘est Fous means That’s Crazy!

We added FOODS to our name because we wanted people to know that despite having crazy ideas, we were serious about insects as a food source.


What is Cricket Flour?

Cricket flour or cricket powder is a protein powder that’s made by roasting and grinding whole crickets. It’s about 65% protein and has only one ingredient: crickets. We make our cricket flour from Acheta domesticus crickets which we find have a mild, nutty flavor and light amber color.

Our cricket flours are available in bulk and are perfect for adding a complete protein to bars, shakes, and baked goods. Ask us how cricket flour can add nutrition and value to your food product!

What is Textured Insect Protein (TIP)?

"TIP” is a high protein ingredient made from whole insects. TIP was developed by Lee Cadesky, a food scientist and co-founder of C-fu FOODS. It can be made from any insect species and reprocessed to make an enormous variety of foods. TIP works as a meat, dairy, and egg replacer and cooks just like meat. It can also be blended with meat to create more nutritious versions of familiar products with a positive sustainable impact.

TIP can make anything from hamburgers to ice cream and can unlock dairy and egg-free baking. If you’re thinking of a new product angle, consider how sustainable insect protein can deliver unique nutrition and value!

What is Insect Protein Concentrate (IPC)?

IPC is a patent-pending cricket protein powder that’s similar to cricket flour but designed for high water solubility. IPC is perfect for creating sports nutrition premixes and ready-to-drink beverages.

It contains about 65% protein, vitamin B12, and healthy fats for an exceptional and well-balanced nutritional profile and works just like conventional whey or soy protein isolates. Moreover, IPC’s high solubility means it readily dissolves making it easy to mix and preventing grittiness that can present when cricket flour is used in beverages.

Where are your ingredients available?

Our ingredients are currently available in the US and Canada.

How can I try some of your ingredients?

C-fu FOODS is focused on bulk supply of insect ingredients including whole insects (frozen or roasted), cricket flours, and our innovative ingredients like Textured Insect Protein and Insect Protein Concentrate. If you’re a food manufacturer looking to try something new, let’s connect! We’d be delighted to send you some samples and information about our ingredients.

If you’re a consumer looking to try the next bug thing, you can find our ingredients in a range of food products. Our textured insect proteins are currently available in One Hop Kitchen’s Cricket and Mealworm Bolognese sauces which are available in stores and at



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