Mealworm & Chicken Liver Pate

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6 oz. Fine textured mealworm protein (Fine Mealworm TIP)

6 oz. Chicken livers (rinsed and drained)

¼ cup Diced white onion

1 tbsp Minced garlic

2 strips Bacon

1 tbsp Butter (plus 2 tbsp optional)

2/3rd cup Heavy cream


½ tsp Gelatin

1 tsp Marjoram

Pinch Sea salt

Pinch Black Pepper

1 oz Sherry

1 oz Brandy

Green peppercorns (optional)


1)     In a large pan, cook bacon over medium-high heat until browned, remove bacon strips, reserving fat. Coarsely chop strips.

2)     Add butter to pan cook onions until golden on medium heat, reduce heat and add garlic. Cook for 1 minute

3)     Add livers, salt and pepper and cook on medium heat for approx. 5 mins or until centre of livers is cooked. Add marjoram and cooked bacon and brandy to this mix, cook for 1 minute, chop this mix in food processor for 2 mins. Reserve.

4)     In a separate bowl, combine cold sherry and gelatin until dissolved. Reserve.

5)     In a small pot, gently warm 1/3rd cup cream and add to the gelatin/sherry mix. Mix very well and keep warm.

6)     Add the finely textured mealworm protein to the food processor mix and blend well. Slowly add the cream/sherry/gelatin mix and blend well for 1 minute.

7)     Pour mix into bowl and refrigerate overnight to chill completely.

8)     (Optional) melt additional butter, mix green peppercorns, and spread on top of pate to prevent oxidation. Let cool completely before serving.

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